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We Go Above & Beyond

Montessori of Valencia is  committed to providing the highest quality learning environment for children. 

We have implemented a “prepared environment” here at Montessori of Valencia for all the children to have an opportunity to be successful and exceed their fullest potential.

Our teachers are carefully selected for their Montessori–based belief that children grow and learn best in a loving and nurturing environment. Their job is to encourage the child´s natural curiosity, to provide ample opportunities for exploartion and discovery. They help to direct the child to develop the skills needed to succeed and experience the thrill of independent accomplishment.


Our Montessori teachers, in addition to having Early Childhood Education Certification, are all trained in the use of materials designed to stimulate discovery while developing the skills necessary for accomplishing tasks.

Our Director Mrs. Erin has a rich educational background which spans 15 years in both elementary teaching roles and executive administration in a directorial position.

About Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori was an individual ahead of her time. She was born in 1870 in Ancona, Italy, to an educated but non-affluent middle class family. She grew up in a country considered most conservative in its attitude toward women, yet even against the considerable opposition of her father and teachers, Montessori pursued a scientific education and was the first woman to become a physician in Italy.

As a practicing physician associated with the University of Rome, she was a scientist, not a teacher. It is ironic that she became famous for her contributions in a field that she had rejected as the traditional refuge for women at a time when few professions were open to them other than homemaking or the convent.

The Montessori method evolved almost by accident from a small experiment that Dr. Montessori carried out on the side. Her genius stems not from her teaching ability, but from her recognition of the importance of what she stumbled upon.

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